Context AI

What's your body saying about your current and future health?

We deliver transformational whole-body digital fingerprints to promote health.

Context AI is a data science company combining electronic medical records and novel data from wearable sensor arrays to diagnostically understand and interpret the full spectrum of sounds, vibrations and bioelectric data harvested from the body using artificial intelligence. We are generating novel health data for intelligent computer consumption and interpretation, and discovering whole-body digital fingerprints to provide actionable insights for health management in multiple domains including cardiopulmonary, maternal-fetal care, anesthesia, veterinary medicine, space and aeronautics, psychiatry, sports medicine, primary care, …

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The Numbers Speak for Themselves.

Our aspirational business model is to bring the right technological solutions to generate the right data and insight for the right patient at the right time and the right price.

Fold Increase in Data Fidelity
$BILLION Target Market Disruption
$ Cost of Goods
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Context AI is delivering the most fundamental and comprehensive precision public health tooling transformation since René Laennec's invention of the stethoscope in 1816. Our aspiration is to be responsible custodial stewards of a new paradigm of population data. The data platform and bespoke AI engine global assets we develop are aimed to illuminate the path towards evidence-based automated medicine.

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